“Donsco has been supplying cast iron parts for over 100 years.”

Donsco, Inc. is North America’s leading single source provider of machined iron castings, and has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years.

From our home base in southeastern Pennsylvania, we operate two foundries which produce short run and longer running gray, ductile, and alloyed iron castings up to 150 pounds in both horizontally and vertically parted molds.  Our Wrightsville campus also includes extensive in-house machining and patternmaking operations.

Our business model is rooted in seamless integration and speed to market.  We outperform competitors and save customers time, hassles, headaches, and money by fully integrating our diverse in-house manufacturing and support capabilities with those of our partners who provide painting, heat treating, and other essential services.  Seamless integration means single source responsibility and single source accountability to customers for all aspects of quality, service, and cost.  Working with Donsco means no finger pointing or fruitless exercises in determining who’s to blame for quality or delivery mishaps, just high quality, fully machined components delivered on time.

Seamless integration enables us to outperform competitors in speed to market.  We turn around most RFQs in 48 hours or less and can usually transform a casting model into new tooling and new tooling into prototypes in just a few short weeks.  Our key customer service goal is to dependably deliver castings and machined parts 95+ percent on time with best in class lead times.

Donsco also leads in the depth and breadth of our manufacturing capabilities and technical support organization.  We produce a wide range of typical cast and machined parts as well as some of the most challenging and complex castings imaginable from ADI, Ni-hard, and Hi Silicon Moly alloys to intricately cored hydraulic valves, turbocharger housings, and manifolds.  To ensure manufacturing effectiveness and strong customer support, we have three full-time metallurgists on staff as well as the quality, engineering, and manufacturing support personnel needed to ensure the smooth operation of each of our facilities as well as convenient, centralized support for each of our customers.