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Thank you to all of our customers,  vendors, suppliers, and industry partners who have reached out to us over the last few days. We greatly appreciate your support, heartfelt words of encouragement, and commitment to help us through the catastrophic events of Friday that affected our Wrightsville foundry. We are especially grateful for the hundreds of first responders who worked tirelessly to put out the fires and contain the damage.  Donsco is very fortunate to have many talented and skilled employees who have been impacted by this tragedy. Please know that Donsco and its management team are working quickly to assess the damage and develop a business continuation plan for our Wrightsville foundry operation. Our commitment to our employees and customers is unwavering and we will come through this tragedy stronger than before. Learn How

Donsco, Inc. is North America’s leading single source provider of machined iron castings, and has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years.

From our home base in southeastern Pennsylvania, we operate two foundries which produce short run and longer running gray, ductile, and alloyed iron castings up to 150 pounds in both horizontally and vertically parted molds. Our Wrightsville campus also includes extensive in-house machining and patternmaking operations.