Casting Experts

Donsco has been making castings since 1906. Over these many years we have accumulated a great deal of foundry knowledge that we love to share with our customers. We understand that foundry / casting expertise is decreasing in the manufacturing world, this is where Donsco comes in. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by educating them in the foundry process, tooling build and casting / machining tolerances.

Our tooling engineers will create models using Solid Edge. If you can supply a casting model Donsco prefers Parasolid or stp files. However we can use most major CAD file formats. From this point our team uses Magma software for solidification and flow analysis aiming to perfect the gating and risering, making your parts defect-free before any iron hits the sand.

Donsco has complete reverse engineering capabilities, either with our Faro arm or scanner.

Let Donsco help you review potential steel to ADI conversions and weldment conversions. Our team has completed many of these successfully and we want to help you with your projects!

Schedule a visit / tour at our facilities for a Casting 101 seminar.