Customer Support Team

Donsco’s Integrated Customer Support Team is charged with providing best in class customer service. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products and services, especially on-time delivery dependability.

Sherry and Kim are both fluent in all ordering styles of our customers and can help you should a situation arise where one of them is unavailable. If you have any questions about your orders, need to change scheduled delivery dates, or wish to better understand our lead times, Sherry and Kim are ready to respond to your questions within four business hours.


Sherry Young is one of Donsco’s Order Coordinator and the “front line” of our Integrated Customer Support Team. The focus of her work is to receive incoming orders, perform contract review, and manage the order entry and acknowledgment process. She will also provide proactive weekly open order status reports.


Kim Herbst is the second Order Coordinator on Donsco’s Customer Support Team. Her primary focus is VMI customers and parts with stocking programs. She handles the day-to-day tracking of these parts through our system and inventory levels at our customers.


Doug is our Marketing Manager, and his work begins with issues that the Order Coordinators are not prepared to handle, especially those that you may have traditionally directed to an Account Manager, Sales Rep, or to John Smeltzer our Marketing VP. Doug is Donsco’s key customer advocate – he is your lifeline to our operations and your go-to guy should a problem arise that needs high level attention and quick action. He is responsible for proactively contacting each of our customers to make sure we are doing all we can for you. At the same time, he is hard at work creating a simple and seamless ordering experience for you – learning your unique ordering systems and preferences as well as ensuring that the human and technology elements of our order management system interact well with you and yours.Once your order is in the system, Doug will let you know if we will be unable to hit our Promise Date before we go late, and will work with you to establish a mutually agreeable alternate date. He can also make the necessary arrangements when you need to break into the production schedule for a rush order. And if a phone call isn’t sufficient, he can arrange a visit from Donsco technical and/or Quality staff, or he can provide an in-person solution himself.

The Program Managers work to orchestrate and manage the new job start-up, tooling development, and sampling process for projects being cast at each facility. The Program Manager is your key contact throughout the product development/production approval phase. They are responsible for working closely with you and your engineering and quality staffs to gather necessary parts planning information, facilitate casting design improvements, modify prints and models as needed, share project updates, facilitate sample approval, and to achieve our mission of speed to market and our mandate to consistently hit agreed upon project completion dates.

Don Mann

Don Mann is Executive Vice President and part owner of Donsco Incorporated. Don is taking the lead in deploying best in class tools and processes for analyzing root causes, coordinating corrective actions, and supporting effective communication within Donsco and between Donsco and its customers.

John Smeltzer

John Smeltzer remains Donsco’s VP of Marketing and the ultimate “last stop” on the customer service continuum. Though virtually all facets of the customer service task can be best handled by other members of the Customer Support Team, John remains the “final authority” in high-level customer problem resolution. Should solutions evade the other Team members, ask for John.

Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas and Preston White comprise Donsco’s Sales Team. While focused on new business development, they remain resources you can call on should the need arise.

Bill, John and Eric are Donsco’s Quality team. and are the embodiment of our continued efforts towards improving product and process quality. They are Donsco’s key customer advocates and essential communication link within the contexts of quality certification, quality problem resolution, and formal scrap and cost reduction projects. Deploying best-in-class tools and processes for analyzing root causes, coordinating corrective actions, and supporting effective communication both within Donsco and between Donsco and its customers. Please use our quality hotline email and our team will respond within 24 hrs.

Bill Blechschmidt

Bill is the Senior Quality Manager for all Facilities.

John P is the Quality Manager at our Wrightsville foundry.

Eric is the Quality Manager at our Mt Joy foundry.