Supplier Consolidation

Under pressure to reduce your number of suppliers? Donsco is uniquely suited to help with our wide range of services and integrated approach. Just one phone call and one source of responsibility for your entire casting needs. We are tier one to many of our top customers providing vendor-based management solutions and in some cases cast and machined product in less than 2 weeks.

Low Volume, Medium Volume, High Volume Castings From Ounces to 150 lbs.

We manufacture low and mid-volume gray, ductile, and alloy iron castings on three fully automatic matchplate molding lines in our Mount joy Foundry. Higher volume gray and ductile iron castings are produced on two Disamatic molding lines in our Wrightsville Foundry.

Specialty Markets

Mount Joy Foundry has also established a specialty niche in the high silicon moly market, while the Wrightsville Foundry has become an industry leader in the production of difficult hydraulic components.


Donsco has an on-site machining / assembly facility as well strategic partnerships with outside machine shops.

Outside Contracting

Donsco has also created a strategic sourcing team dedicated to managing our wide range of outside contractors to make sure they are qualified and delivering on-time.

Cell Transfers

Is machining castings your core competancy? Donsco works with customers looking to simplify their operations and focus on what they do best and what we do best. Together with one of our large customers, Donsco collapsed much of their machining into our facilities. It allowed both companies to focus more on their core competancies.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

Donsco holds inventory on 50+ machined castings for one of our key customers while holding lead times to 2 wks for these parts.

Please contact Donsco and let’s discuss how we can work together to improve your sales.