Green Initiatives

Sitting next to the scenic Susquehanna river in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, we at Donsco are constantly reminded of our responsibility for protecting the environment. To that end, we have developed a formal environmental management program; its main goals to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and improve the efficiency of our energy usage.

Donsco is a Recycler


Every product we manufacture is made from 90% recycled materials. Through our environmental management system, we have road-mapped all of our waste streams which we constantly evaluate and search for ways to either reduce or eliminate them. Our green molding sand is continuously recycled. Our core sands are reclaimed, recoated and reused. Donsco has established formal plastic and cardboard recycling programs. In addition, instead of sending items to the landfills, Donsco has active beneficial reuse projects.
In 2012, Donsco was involved with Wrightsville borough in building a athletic complex for the local community using foundry sand as the base material for the ball fields, roadways and parking lots.

Leader In Energy Management

Donsco is considered a leader in the foundry industry in energy management. Throughout our history, we have looked to technology and systems to solve our most pressing problems. For foundries, energy usage specifically electricity is one of those. Utilizing sophisticated software and operational techniques, Donsco has been able to reduce our electrical usage by over 30% through demand control, demand response and better production planning.

Water Conservation

Along with everything else, we monitor our water usage and set target each year to reduce it. Most of our current efforts are focused on converting our cooling systems from open loop systems to closed loop.