Moving Foward

Commitment to the Future Industries Served Part Photos
  • After the fire, Donsco faced the existential question on whether to rebuild after such a devastating event.
  • The family felt strongly that it had an obligation to its employees, its customers, and the community to rebuild.
  • It was not easy, but after one year a new foundry is up and running.
  • Most customers stuck with Donsco, and worked with Donsco to outsource their parts to competitor foundries during the rebuild process.
    Donsco is forever grateful to those companies.
  • Through this process Donsco has been able to assess risk mitigation.
    Donsco and other foundries now have a framework to work together in case of a catastrophic loss, to keep their customers supplied with parts
  • Not many jobbing shops are investing in new technologies and equipment. Many foundries are suffering from lack of investment.
  • Wrightsville Foundry is now a modern updated facility that is set to supply quality parts, on-time to its customers into the future.
  • Donsco appreciates any opportunity to develop new partnerships.








  • Pumps
  • Agriculture
  • Construction Equipment
  • Hydraulics
  • Heavy Truck
  • Railroad
  • Hardware
  • Fork Truck
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Elevator
  • Aerospace